The first non-standard necklace was created in 2002. It looked like a collar with a halo of hovering pearls. Thus, the old interest to jewellery and the desire to have unique accessories gradually evolved into a hobby. Then it has received an interest from the people around, so Kristina has inspired to create brand-style CHER. A solid foundation in the individual approach to the style of jewellery was trained by artists, architects and jewelers.


All jewellery are unique, because it is entirely handmade from the sketch process, selection of the materials to the final jewel. These accessories transmit a sense of subtle taste of the author. It formed the concept of CHER - Elegant, Exclusive, Elite, Element.




“Every goddess should has a lot of jewellery,  being an auxiliary element, complete the look, not competitor eclipsing her."



Kristina Cher